List of Pros&Cons of Cochlear Implants – What You Should Know

If you are not aware of active electronic cochlea how, and how to transfer the sound to the deaf, then the information below will help you. In order to meet the condition of each object, the type of hearing aid is designed with different shapes from which help users can wear just in the ear, as well as the best support to hear sounds better. Electronic cochlear is one method of curing deafness quite effectively with the case of congenital deafness or adults deafness. Such electronic cochlear structures and active principle helps deaf people can hear the like? You learn to give yourself the most logical answer.

E. Electronic Structures Of The Cochlea

– Cochlear Implant: this section is placed in the bone behind the ear. Its structure consists of a magnet, a pision just got recently and the electrodes arranged in rows stretching from reception to the cochlea.

External Part: consists of three parts.

  1. Sound processing pision: this pision like a small pocket radio, or after disasters. It selectively and encode the audio used to understand the lyrics. It can be worn in any place that you find convenient.
  2. The recording Department: located just behind the ear, used to collect sound.
  3. Audio: parts a thin fiber connection from the microphone to the word processor. It is a round plastic wrapped 33mm in diameter located on the outside of the inner magnet.

F. Electronic Cochlear Operation?

The principle of operation of electronic cochlear is similar to the hearing aid, but more in the manner of transmission of audio signals, in particular.

+ First of all, when there is sound recording pision, will be responsible for acquiring sound

+ Audio signals are transferred to the sound transmission audio processors

+ Audio processor will selectively and encoding sound into electrical signals

+ Electrical signals encoding from audio will be routed through the skin, to the electrodes

+ The electrodes are lined in a soft silicon tubes. Each electrode has a wire connected to the reception. These electrical signals are transmitted encrypted to the special electrodes that each electrode has special programs to provide sound according to magnitude and different timbre. The electrodes stimulate the hearing nerve fibers to transmit information to the brain. Then, deaf people can hear the sound through the electrical signals are encoded to the brain, from which the analysis to help deaf people to understand the sound.

G. Electronic Cochlear Implantation Was Conducted?

Before the cochlear implant to be conducted electronically, then the patient is cochlear implant electronic wind power will be diagnosed before. The electronic cochlear implant decision not the needed consent from families, the sick that doctors have concluded patients were then conducted new cochlear implant cochlear implant are. Usually, after about 1 month of electronic cochlear system will be activated and adjusted the patient heard sounds. For children not yet have language before implantation, the tuning machines with language training program takes a lot of time helps babies hear and develop the language, on average at least 1 to 2 years. You have to be consulted before electronic cochlear implant and adjust the air program participation and language training is very important to help the restoration of hearing and language development of children.

Expect that with the above information, you’ve got yourself the information helpful to understand about electronic cochlea and method curing deafness with cochlear implant electronic. What’s happier than when you and your loved ones the same pickup things interesting and fun together.

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