You Know What the Symbols On the Electronics And Electric Appliances

Today, electronics have become indispensable in the life of every person, it appears from the important objects to the stuff you used, but you don’t notice it. We can list some devices such as a laptop, smartphone or even the earbuds (you can find best earbuds under 100 by clicking on this page). But there is some information which you do not know or you saw it, but you do not know what it means.

The tip is the symbols on them. The symbols on the electronics and electric appliances can give us a lot of important information about the quality of the product. Let’s find out!

1/ Energy Star Sticker

– Surely you have ever seen the Energy Star logo in a certain power equipment such as refrigerators, computers, fluorescent lights? And certainly, you can also vaguely understand that these devices have this logo will be appreciated in energy-saving criteria? But the specific Energy Star mean? Is it standards? Energy Star is a standard of the international energy savings on electronic products, electric machine, built by the committee for environmental protection and the department of energy of the United States since 1992. Then turn the Australia, Canada, Japan and the European Union was through the acceptance of this standard, which makes Energy Star becomes an international standard.

– Typically, these appliances are Energy Star labeled, such as computer products and peripherals, kitchen equipment, buildings and other products, usually consume less energy than 20-30% with requirements of federal standards in the United States. The level of energy savings with each specific product differently, for example with the TV is 30%, the refrigerator is 15%, the dishwasher was 41%, 75% compared to fluorescent lamp filament… Energy Star qualified buildings must save at least 15% compared to conventional buildings.

In addition to the standard Energy Star regulation also higher saving levels when the device is in standby mode. Energy Star program has helped raise the consciousness of Britons to consume in the use of energy-saving products, and also encourage companies to manufacture electronic equipment improvement technology to create products that are friendly to the environment.

2/ FCC Symbol

– FCC is a very familiar notation for smartphone users. FCC certificate granted by the Federal Communications Commission of the United States (or sometimes you can find that is Federal Communications Commission). It is the certification required for any device capable of broadcasting was sold on the world market. The FCC show that the extent to which the device emits waves that are not too high, not to cause harm to human health and affect the other electronic equipment.

– See the Federal Communications Commission of the United States (FFC) which means computers, mobile phones, computer science, printers, fax machines, televisions and many other products do not exhaust the radio-frequency radiation in unwanted or toxic levels in the surrounding environment.

To be sold in the U.S, these products must pass the independent lab tests proved they did not emit radio waves are too high level to the extent they can cause disturbances to other electronic devices. The symbol appears on the electronic device “accidentally” emit radio signals as the extra production of electricity running through these parts is often seen as the processor.

– But with mobile telecommunications equipment are built for the purpose of sending the signal to the radio, they usually are granted an FCC ID label. This label indicates that the frequency of deliberately lying in the rear allows, the dedicated band for that device type. Some of the radio signal leakage incident is acceptable and is inevitable in the electronic equipment, but to minimize the radiation that can alter the frequency of the objects, the manufacturer has incorporated its products with parts and grounding protection to achieve recognition of the FCC.

3/ Controversy And Criticism Surrounding These Two Parameters

– In recent months, a Bill in the United States has proposed the abolition of the right to sue consumer reports with the Energy Star logo products. Previously, if electronic products without this logo, then the manufacturers will be sued by not announcing the amount of electric energy saving. More likely this Act can be added as an amendment to the Act to modernize the 2015 energy policy was discussed at the U.S.

Senate Committee on Energy & Natural resources. A comprehensive inspection report commented that many of the standard evaluation of energy-saving Energy Star program is not reliable and cannot be verified.

– Even, a law against Energy Star has been executed. It is the Act of improving energy efficiency by 2015, was sponsored by Sen. Jeanne Shaheen. This Act abolished the right of third parties such as a laboratory newspaper… require the products when launched must be Energy Star logo.

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