How to Choose the Backpacks for College Student

Investing in a good backpack really helps in making the college experience enjoyable and worthwhile. It may fail to be among the most exciting purchases you will make pre-college but is very important nonetheless. In addition, a best college backpack will prevent serious back and shoulder pain.

Tips for backpacks for college

The following are some insightful tips that will go a long way in helping you select the right backpacks for college:

backpack for college


Good backpacks for college ought to have adequate support. The backpack should be perfectly capable of placing all the weight inside it on both of your shoulders. This is to mean that it should optimally utilize your shoulder strength. Wide shoulder straps that are properly cushioned should characterize the backpack, this feature helps in equally spreading the weight on the width of both shoulders. Backpacks with a good support system aid in making the load carried quite comfortable. Support also encompasses a waist belt that will put most of the weight where it ought to be i.e. on the hip area.

Strap adjustments

Whenever you are shopping for a good college backpack, it is advisable to ensure that you check the adjustments of its straps. The straps should be able to loosen and tighten up easily. The purpose of backpack straps are to ensure that the bag is always close to the back. Loose straps will make the backpack tip backward, this is undesirable as it will throw you off balance as well as exert to the body unnecessary strain.

Test drive

Backpacks should never be bought blindly because what works for one person might not necessarily work for the other. It is critical to take the college backpack for a test drive to get a personal assessment. This means putting the bag on, putting a bit of weight in it, adjusting its straps and walking around with it inside the store.

Select a backpack

Some people confuse messenger bags with backpacks. Messenger bags have one strap and therefore does not evenly distribute the weight inside the bag on the user’s body. Make sure that you get a backpack that will guarantee equal distribution of weight on both shoulders. The even distribution of weight provided by good backpacks is beneficial to the shoulders, back, ankles, knees and hips. Women can get backpacks that complement their feminine frames.


An ideal college backpack should have enough room to accommodate multiple notebooks, books, pens, cell phone and even a laptop.


Backpacks with padded straps help to ease the pain associated with carrying bulky items. This is because the padding prevent the straps from digging into the shoulders thus avoiding discomfort. There are even backpacks that are equipped with padding for the back, go for such as comfort is important.


It is good to buy a college backpack that is light in weight. This is because it will be carrying heavy items and there is no need to add onto this weight. However, this does not mean that the weight of the back should compromise its sturdiness. Backpacks of synthetic fibres are recommended because they hold up fairly well.


The aim should be to get a college backpack that has double zippers because they simplify access to the bag. In addition, double zippers contribute to the security of a backpack because you can still use one if the other breaks.


Good college backpacks should have many compartments and pockets. This allows easy storage for the different items such as water bottles, laptops, cell phones, house keys, books etc.


It is advisable to get durable backpacks that will guarantee you many years of service life. Durability is dependent on the anchorage of the straps and handles to the main bag as well as good stitching. Rubber or heavier clothing on the bottom surface of a backpack helps it to stand up properly. Durability will also be facilitated by a backpack with water-resistant materials.


It is good to buy a college backpack from a company that has warranty so that you can always return it in case of any problem with the product.


It should be noted that backpacks for college should not carry more than 15% of the user’s weight and very heavy items ought to be kept lowest and closest to the user’s back. College can get quite busy and that is why it is necessary to select the right backpack so that you can focus on other things once you start classes.

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